Field Service Policy

Field Service Policy

All start-up or commissioning assistance shall be provided under the terms set forth below.


The services of a Sumio Water Systems Field Service Engineer are available to the customer for start-up, troubleshooting and equipment installation supervision services. These services are available on a per diem or contract basis.


The request for technical field services shall be made ​​by the Customer by placing a purchase or service order which must clearly establish the period during which the contract will be executed, the number of days contracted, the diem rate agreed and how  travel and living expenses will be paid.


Unless otherwise specifically authorized in writing, the Field Service Representative shall act only in an advisory capacity interpreting drawings, recommending sequence of work in erection, installation, start-up and repairs.
The Field Service Representative shall not be responsible for any acts, omissions or workmanship of employees, subcontractors or agents of the owner or for their failure to follow the advice or instructions of the Field Service Representative.
All labor, materials, tools equipment and facilities necessary for the execution of the work shall be supplied by the customer at its own cost and expense, unless agreed to otherwise in writing.


Daily summary reports are completed by the Field Service Representative and require an approved signature by customer’s job superintendent.


Travel time to destination depends on availability of personnel, but will vary and shall be at Sumio Water Systems discretion.

Travel time a Sumio Water Systems representative employs to travel to the job’s site and to return to office or home will be invoiced as part of the field service tariff.

Any travel to a foreign country requiring more than 6 hrs. will be Business Class and charged to the customer.

V.     RATES:

Field Service Representative rates apply in the manner set forth below.

Straight Time – Straight time is defined as time worked on a regular (non-holiday) schedule of eight (8) hours per day between 8:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, or for time worked on any other agreed upon schedule for eight (8) hours per day, Monday through Friday.

Overtime –  Overtime is defined as time worked in excess of or at times other than the regular straight time schedule, including travel hours. Work or travel on Saturday and for overtime up to four (4) hours per day will be charged at one and one-half times straight time rates. Holiday work, travel, and overtime in excess of four (4) hours will be charged at double straight time rates. A “holiday” is Sunday and any day observed by Sumio Water Systems as a holiday.

As long as the Field Service Representative is retained by the customer, the minimum charge for weekdays will be the per diem rates plus expenses whether requested to work or not. If a Field Service Representative is retained over a weekend but does not work, the charge for the weekend will be limited to expenses incurred by the Field Service Representative.

Within America Region
Straight time per diem rate: $ 1,000.00 * (Not subject to local countries taxes and IVA is not included)

Other International
Straight time per diem rate: $ 1,400.00 * ( Not subject to local countries taxes)

Minimum billing is for a 4-hour day; all time worked in excess of 4 hours, up to 8 hours, will be billed as an 8-hour day.

The Customer shall be charged for the services of the Sumio Water Systems Service Representative at the job site when service cannot be rendered because of delays or conditions beyond Sumio Water Systems control. In cases of undue delay, Sumio Water Systems reserves the right to recall the Field Service Engineer.


The per diem rates for services of Vivendi Water Systems personnel do not include travel and living expenses, such as caused by travel to the job site by land or air transportation, meals, accommodation, telephone and others related to the tasks performed. Actual travel and living expenses incurred will be added to the per diem and shall be reimbursed by the Customer.


Invoices will be rendered on a weekly, semi-monthly or monthly basis depending upon contracted or otherwise agreed upon terms.


Authorization is limited to maximum amount of the Purchase Order. If additional Purchase Order is required, customer will be notified when 75% of allocated monies have been used on the original Purchase Order. Additional work will not be performed until receipt of additional Purchase Order.


Upon completion of start-up, the Purchaser will be asked to accept the equipment and release Sumio Water Systems personnel.
This acceptance serves as an acknowledgment that the equipment was brought into satisfactory operation, the customer’s operating personnel were fully instructed in its operation, and suitable arrangements were made for correction of any outstanding problems. Acceptance does not, in any way, relieve Sumio Water Systems of its responsibilities under the mechanical and performance guarantees, if any.

valid from may 2014